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Installation Tips

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  • Screeding requires specialist knowledge.
  • The screed must be level, flat, and not too porous.
  • Use a spiked roller.


  • Before applying adhesive, test the screed with a moisture meter.
  • Moisture content in the screed must not exceed 3%   (for 3 to 6% moisture, use a moisture barrier).
  • Apply Qualichem 179A adhesive to the floor only, using a notched trowel.
  • 179A is a wet lay glue, lay planks immediately.
  • Roll the vinyl flooring within a short time using a 3 sectional 68kg floor roller. Do not miss this step out.
  • Restrict foot traffic for 24 hours after installation, and allow 3 days before washing the floor.


  • Vinyl flooring must be installed by a professional installer.
  • Acclimatise the vinyl and adhesive in the actual area to be installed for 24 hours.
  • Install vinyl flooring as the last trade to avoid scratching and damaging the floor.
  • Leave a 2mm expansion gap between the walls and vinyl planks.
  • Vinyl is not suited to sunrooms with large unprotected windows.
  • Use soft pads under all furniture legs to avoid scratching the floor.


Only use an expert vinyl installation company (installation is not a DIY job).

The expert installer should know the following:

  • Tap the tiles with a broomstick to listen for loose or cracked tiles, and also inspect the tiles visually.
  • All loose tiles should be removed, and the holes must be filled with self-levelling screed (max 50mm deep).
  • Allow the self-levelling screed to dry properly.
  • Clean the surface of the tiles thoroughly with appropriate cleaners and a machine.
  • Pour a slurry on the tiles to create a grip surface.
  • Then pour a self-levelling screed to level the surface.
  • Once the self-levelling is properly dry (to be checked with a moisture meter), then begin installing the vinyl planks.


  • It may be necessary to remove all the tiles if there is any doubt as to how solid they are.
  • It is also possible to lay CLICK vinyl over tiles, with an underlay. But it is still necessary to screed over the tiles to first achieve a smooth sub-floor.


Please consult a reputable underfloor heating company. The heating system must be placed under the screed, not on top. Maximum 26 to 28 degrees. Most of the floor area must be covered by heating so that the heating is evenly spread.With vinyl, heating is most popular in bathrooms only.