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OAK Care Guide

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Flooring has been oiled with Loba Oil. A high quality imported interior oil. The coatings are hard wearing and provided good resistance for general wear and tear.


Please use floor protectors on all your furniture. No floor can withstand furniture being dragged over it – it will scratch and cannot be repaired easily. You can purchase floor protectors from your local builder’s warehouse. Please do not wait to do this – floors will scratch from day one if they are not applied.


All floors should be cleaned and cared for on a daily basis. Dust and sand particles blown into the house can cause scratches if walked on. A dry mop with micro fiber pad is perfect for general sweeping and vacuuming. Avoid using the old style mops on your floor.


Please contact Zimbos at 021511 4693 to purchase your maintenance products for oiled floor. Instructions are on the bottle.

Daily cleaning use: Parkett Soap

Weekly cleaning & light maintenance: Wax Cleaner


We suggest that every 6 – months we inspect the floor to see how it is wearing. All oiled floor may need an additional light oil over depending on how much wear the floor receives. This will bring the floor back to its original condition.

If one waits to long to do this process or you do not use the maintenance products correctly, the floors original coating will be worn through and the colour wash will start fading. 


 Please email keith@aspenflooring.co.za if you would like to find out our floor maintenance program.