Care & Maintenance

CLEANING & CARE – VINYL FLOOR PLANKS                                                                                                                                       


  • Place large non-rubber mats at all doors leading in from the outside, to remove sand and grit.
  • Install floor protectors on all furniture legs (eg felt pads).
  • For wheeled office chairs, protect the floor with a chair mat or use soft rubber wheels
  • Temperatures of over 35 degrees and direct sunlight will shorten the lifespan of vinyl floor planks.
  • Where there are large sun-facing glass doors, only use vinyl if there is proper sun protection eg a pergola, roof overhang etc. Don’t rely on curtains or blinds as these will be opened.
  • For vacant holiday homes, natural ventilation is necessary to avoid excessive heat build-up which can damage most floors.


  • Sweep, damp-mop, or vacuum your floor about twice a week – more often for heavy traffic.
  • If the floor is dirty, clean with a damp mop and a quality vinyl cleaner. Use 2 buckets- one to clean the mop (dirty water), and one to clean the floor (clean water).
  • Vinyl floor cleaning products are available at all supermarkets and most hardware stores. Not recommended: abrasive products, powdered cleaners, oil soaps, dishwashing liquids, waxes. Try to use a biodegradable cleaner that leaves no residue and requires no rinsing in order to clean the planks.
  • For light dirt, you can simply use a few caps of white vinegar in half a bucket of water (apply to the floor using a damp mop).
  • Tough spots or spills- rub with a Scotchbrite foam pad.
  • Very dirty floors: scrub using a medium-stiffness bristle broom with a vinyl cleaner.


  • Our vinyl floor planks are waterproof. But excess water due to flooding must be cleaned up and the room should be well ventilated to get it back to normal moisture levels.
  • Fine scratches resulting from normal use can be restored by rubbing with mineral spirits and then applying a good quality vinyl floor cleaner.
  • Chewing gum, crayon, or candle wax can be removed by applying ice until it becomes brittle enough to crumble off. The residue can be removed with mineral spirits.
  • Very large commercial floor areas: consult with a professional cleaning company.